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Honey-Orange Glazed Ham

7 comments October 26, 2015

Confession: I don’t really love turkey. (gasp!) I don’t dislike it. It’s just…meh. Oddly enough, I love processed deli meat turkey. But maybe that’s because it doesn’t taste at all […]

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25+ Thanksgiving Recipes

2 comments October 19, 2015

Happy Monday, Gang! Did you all have a great weekend? The kids had a bye week from soccer (woot!), so we took advantage by cleaning the house and running errands. […]

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French Quarter Cheese Spread

6 comments November 20, 2014

Well, I guess anything named after the French Quarter is bound to be naughty, right? And this spread really is. But you don’t need to draw your blinds to enjoy […]

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Over 25 Recipes Using Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey!

5 comments November 18, 2014

Admittedly, turkey is not my favorite. I don’t dislike it, I just don’t love it. BUT I do really enjoy it in stuff. Which is why day-after Thanksgiving left-overs are so […]

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Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic and Lemon Pan Sauce

20 comments November 13, 2014

This is one of those recipes I wanted to title “Sauteed Mushrooms with Butter, Garlic, Wine, Lemon Sauce, and Parsley” because omg, every single ingredient is so good. Or better […]

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Popovers with Gruyere and Thyme

20 comments November 6, 2014

Remember when I was under some pre-conceived notion that Popovers were difficult to make? And then I made them. And they so. were. not. Well, seems like an eternity ago, […]

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Skillet Zucchini Matchsticks

18 comments November 4, 2014

I’ve decided that you all don’t need any new turkey recipes this year. With the exception of a few people I know, everyone is pretty set on how they serve […]

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Great Uses For Thanksgiving Leftovers

5 comments November 27, 2013

If you’re lucky, you’ll have some Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday. And maybe you’ll just reheat them in their original form. Totally cool. But maybe…maaaaybe, you’ll want to turn them into […]

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Fig Balsamic Olives

18 comments November 25, 2013

So, I might have confessed last week on Facebook that I ate an entire can of olives. The truth is…I ate 2 cans of olives. In my defense, they were […]

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Cranberry Cinnamon Cake

15 comments November 22, 2013

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child Love that. “The amount of cinnamon called for in a recipe, should be doubled.” – Amy (^^^ that’s me.) […]

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Panko-Crusted Creamy Carrot Casserole

8 comments November 20, 2013

I’ve made this a few times now…and then immediately feel like I should stop eating for a week. Or run 8 miles to burn off the calories. But it’s worth […]

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Creamy Pumpkin Pecan Strudel Cups

7 comments November 13, 2013

Are you tired of pumpkin? No, right? Please say no. I just love it. My pantry is a testament to that. I stock up on the canned pureed so I […]

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Roasted Acorn Squash with Onion, Grapes, and Thyme

23 comments November 11, 2013

Some foods just wow you – bowl you over like a bunch of pins. BAM! Whoa, what just happened? Like, you’re so busy tasting it, you forget there are three […]