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Creamy Lemon Pasta with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

10 comments February 16, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we’re having a pool put in. If not, you know now! Well, naturally a project of this size couldn’t go off without […]

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Slow Cooker Bolognese Sauce

14 comments January 29, 2015

Count this as the second winter in a row that I bought snow boots for the kids…that they’ll never use. Ugh. You guys. You all know how much I love […]

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Lemony-Pasta Stuffed Zucchini

14 comments November 10, 2014

I’m celebrating my friend, Joanne, today! We started blogging about the same time, and the universe catapulted us at each other. I think it was actually through a round-up that […]

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Shrimp Scampi with Lemon Cream

28 comments October 16, 2014

The weather here in CA has finally shifted, and temps have dropped from mid-90’s to high 70’s. Simultaneously, my mouth is finally to the point where I can eat solid […]

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Lemony Pasta with Tuna, Spinach, and Capers

17 comments July 17, 2014

I know a lot of people avoid pasta during the summer months because it can be heavy…and the whole carb thing. I’m not one of them. However. I do tend […]

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Spaghetti with Broccoli Pesto

27 comments May 27, 2014

YOU GUYS. I’m in cookbook heaven again. This one is from Donna Hay. You’re all familiar with her, right? – Australian food stylist, author, and magazine editor. Nominated for a […]

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Lasagna Rolls (with Spinach and Chicken)

17 comments May 6, 2014

Lasagna. An Italian masterpiece. It’s awesome, right? And yet, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve made traditional lasagna in my adult life. Seriously. Why? I have […]

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Easy Pizza Noodle Casserole

27 comments April 22, 2014

We all have foods we don’t care for. Some of us have several. (*ahem*, I’m looking at you, Dad.) I was a pretty picky eater growing up, but now I […]

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Sausage and Pea Pasta

28 comments April 17, 2014

I can’t believe there was ever a time I didn’t like vegetables. But there was, until I was about…30. Crazy. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? […]

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Spaghetti Carbonara with Jalapeño Bacon

26 comments March 18, 2014

This recipe was developed by me for Farmer John and is part of a paid SocialMoms program. All opinions are 100% my own. There’s a reason that some food trends […]

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Pizza Macaroni and Cheese

22 comments February 24, 2014

Last week, I asked my Facebook readers, “What ingredient do you love so much, that if you see it used in a recipe, you’ll want to make it?” It was […]

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Creamy Pasta with Bacon and Peas

26 comments February 20, 2014

Hi Friends! I’m bumping this recipe up from the 2009 archives. Like so many great dishes from years past, it’s gotten buried. But this one is so deserving of further […]

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Mini Tortellini Kabobs

9 comments January 28, 2014

Whether you’re into football or not, you can’t deny that the Superbowl is fun, if for no other reason than an excuse to have friends over. And of course, eat […]