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Milk Chocolate Soup with Cake Croutons

27 comments February 11, 2014

I hated living in the snow – the beauty of it just wasn’t a fair enough trade for the hassle. I complained all the time. Paul loved that. A long […]

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Three-Cheese Beer Soup

18 comments January 16, 2014

Disclaimer: I hate beer. I hate the way it tastes, hate the way it smells. And when Paul drinks it, he is not allowed to kiss me until he brushes […]

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Easy Sausage and Tortellini Soup with Spinach

25 comments January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, friends, and welcome to 2014! Ready to start a whole new delicious ride with me? I hope so! There’s really only a small respite after the New […]

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Pasta e Ceci

21 comments October 24, 2013

Wanna hear a funny story? Well, not funny like wet-yourself-comedy-show-funny, but funny like amusing. Mmm k. I’ve been making this dish for years. Many years. I originally got the recipe […]

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Matzo Ball Soup

9 comments March 18, 2013

Spring has definitely sprung where I am, with temperatures in the high 70′s and buds on the trees – making soup isn’t exactly on my radar anymore. But with all […]

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Crock Pot Lentil Soup with Kielbasa

44 comments February 11, 2013

Ever since these (which I’ve made 3x now), I’ve sort of fallen back in love with kielbasa. Not that I ever fell out of love, but…well…I guess it just fell […]

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Easy Tomato Soup with Grilled Gruyere Croutons

14 comments January 7, 2013

Paul and I are both December babies. Only two days apart, actually, with my birth occurring first. So, one more year under our belts and one more year of me […]

Thumbnail image for Chicken Soup with Chive Dumplings

Chicken Soup with Chive Dumplings

28 comments January 3, 2013

Some foods are just harder to get kids on board with. Beef and chicken were challenging ones with mine for a while…until I introduced bones, and then they were in. […]

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Thai Curry Soup with Shrimp

10 comments November 29, 2012

We’re like the house of steel over here – rarely do any of us get sick. I can actually count on one hand how many times Trevor has come down […]

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Tomato and Turkey Stew with Ditalini

9 comments November 27, 2012

Are you still relishing in your Thanksgiving left overs? I made my favorite panini and those awesome enchiladas I can’t stop talking about with mine. But now my fridge is […]

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Chunky Clam Chowder

16 comments January 19, 2012

(This recipe was originally posted a few years ago, but it’s worth further attention in case you missed it!) It was a little slow coming this year, but I would […]

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Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

11 comments November 17, 2011

Things that suck about Paul traveling: 1. If anything goes wrong electronically, I’m screwed. 2. There’s nobody here to kill spiders for me. 3. I have to bring the trash […]

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Creamy Cauliflower Cheddar Soup

49 comments October 25, 2011

Me: Why the long face? Haley: I saw you cutting up cauliflower. Damn. She wasn’t actually supposed to see that. Just like my Dad isn’t supposed to know my Mom […]

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Creamy Apple Parsnip Soup

19 comments October 18, 2011

Our cooking group met again this weekend, with the theme of Fall. Although is it really Fall when it’s still 85 degrees and sunny outside? Perhaps we should have gone […]

Thumbnail image for Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup

19 comments April 14, 2011

I sure didn’t think I’d be talking about soup in April, but you know what – soup does not discriminate when you’re sick. It can be 70 degrees outside, but […]

Thumbnail image for Creamy Asparagus Soup

Creamy Asparagus Soup

18 comments December 16, 2010

Let me tell you about my friend Alicia. She has stunning eyes. They’re big, and bright, and sincere. And if she’s not wearing her sunglasses, I get transfixed and completely […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

24 comments December 2, 2010

My sister, Jen, is practically an extension of this blog, I mention her so often. So imagine my excitement when she agreed to come on over and show you how […]

Thumbnail image for Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeno Bisque

Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeno Bisque

20 comments November 2, 2009

I run across so many recipes every month that interest me. I tear (or print) them out, and set them aside, knowing I will eventually get to them. I have […]